The corrugated board industry is still booming, with an upward trend thanks to its promise of sustainable packaging and the versatility of this product.

To continue this production rhythm, this sector needs to have a reliable equipment that can protect a load larger than the standards, with a light wrapping with customizable features.

Based on these attributes, Movitec adapts to any sector, with corrugated cardboard being one of our references.

The range of wrappers of Movitec is completed with rings of different dimensions for loads with a maximum diagonal of up to 2900 millimeters.

Generally, the load to wrap in the corrugated sector is sufficiently stable thanks to a previous strapping, so it requires a light wrap able to protect from external contaminants, with the guarantee that the film will not break during the wrapping process.

Committed to this philosophy, we have created totally personalized and wrapping systems, focused so that our customers can increase their productivity both qualitatively and quantitatively and thus improve their competitiveness with very low plastic and energy costs, ensuring the maximum stability.

Thanks to an optimal system of film pre-stretching and tension control, we manage to obtain a wrapping calculated for this type of product.

Our wrapping machines have a communication system between the unwinder device and the PLC that automatically regulates the film delivery and tension keeping it uniform throughout the perimeter of the load.

The regulation of the tension on the load from the touchscreen is completely programmable, being able to be different at each point of the envelopment, characteristics that allow us to adapt to multiple sectors that have different needs.

The commercial team of Movitec is at your disposal to answer any questions. If you want to know more about our products, contact us, or consult our range of automatic wrapping machines here.