It is known that the competitiveness of companies is directly related to their innovative capacity. The market needs an important innovative effort on the part of companies and customers require better solutions that provide added value to their company and product.

Movitec with its highly competitive spirit, wants to take a great step forward innovating to lead in the consolidation of palletized loads, in order to develop a new machine concept capable of providing greater stability of palletized loads ensuring its integrity and reducing the film consumption.

As proof of our innovation and competitiveness, the Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) has approved the new project of Movitec, meaning the economic boost we need to develop the new concept.

Thanks to this collaboration, we see the future closer and closer, anticipating the requirements of the clientele, innovating to lead that range of stability solutions of palletized loads that we usually offer, aiming with more precision at the beneficial improvements for our clients.

We are looking forward to finalizing the new prototype machine and be able to share with you all its advantages.