Eumos: European Safe Logistics Association

In January 2013, a group of logistics security professionals founded a non-profit association to clarify some undefined issues regarding the security of cargo, its packaging and its transport on the road: with the motto “Europe Move it Safe”, Eumos created a trend in the sector.

Its objective is to disseminate the know-how related to transport safety, promote the development of new quality standards and the implementation of new directives in Europe, to make safe cargo transport a reality.

A year ago, the fastening of the load and its packaging was regulated again: the Eumos 40509 standard stipulates that the elastic deformation of the packaging must be less than 10% and permanent deformation less than 5%. This new regulation also requires that each load be tested and certified with respect to its stability, being from now on the manufacturer responsible for the shipment of loads whose instability could cause accidents.

Being manufacturers of crucial equipment for this to happen, we have considered opportune to become official partners of Eumos in order to be able to give the best solution on the protection of palletized loads that our clients entrust to our wrapping machines.

As manufacturers, we play an important role

Feeling a bit alluded to, we at Movitec can confirm that we comply with this European directive on road safety, we carry out accurate and precise advice on how to wrap palletised loads and know their behaviour during transport.

Being members of Eumos makes us a company committed to the safety of cargo, its stability and the integrity of the final result that, thanks to our wrappers, is not altered during the logistics and distribution phase.

Our range of wrapping machines ensures a protection according to the Eumos regulations, and so that our clients do not have any problem prior to the certification, we offer our Test Centre suitable to test and find the optimal wrapping for the final product.

We feel responsible for the success of our clients, and on this commitment our philosophy is based.