Movitec commits its resources exclusively to develop pallet stretch ring wrapping machines and offer customized solutions for end-of-line processes, helping its clients to be competitive and efficient.

This commitment never ceases to be present in all processes, from design to supply. When we deliver the wrapping machines to our customers, we are also responsible for the necessary services to cover all the needs during the total life cycle of the wrappers.

To guarantee the correct functioning of our wrapping machines, it is essential to carry out periodic services: a correct maintenance increases the productive capacity and profitability, ensuring quality and security.

For this reason, Movitec has developed a service plan managed by Aftersales, a key department of the organization, which guarantees the smooth operation of Saturn wrappers, preventing possible failures before they occur.

Our customers can choose the service that best suits them, multiple options with two objectives: to extend the life of the wrapping machines and reduce costs. Next, a brief presentation:

  • Basic. Preventive inspection

The most basic option that we have elaborated includes a review and verification of all the devices of the machine. Our specialist technician will verify the proper functioning of it, identify those parts subject to wear and finally deliver a detailed report to the client.

  • Plus. Preventive Maintenance

To complement the basic inspection, we have included the scheduled replacement of parts. By contracting maintenance Plus, the client will know that we will give priority attention to ensure the maximum efficiency of Movitec equipment in their facilities.

  • Optima. Optimization of wrapping cycles and minimization of film consumption

Perfect balance between excellence and quality, this maintenance allows you to get the most out of the wrapper by adjusting the parameters of both wrapping cycle and consumption of the stretch film, so that the relationship between little waste of consumable and maximum efficiency becomes a reality.

  • Premium. Total guarantee for any breakdown

In short, the best maintenance service we can offer: a combination between Plus and Optima, Premium maintenance offers you a total guarantee of up to 5 years that includes scheduled preventive interventions and corrective interventions, to be more productive by cutting downtime.

To prepare an action plan according to the chosen service or receive additional information, contact the experts of Movitec Service by sending an email to or by calling 973 184 059.