Using a pallet wrapper is essential for industrial and distribution companies. Want to know the most important criteria to bear in mind when making your choice? Find them here!

Criteria for choosing a pallet wrapping machine

Choosing one pallet wrapper over another is related to certain factors. It should be noted that not all companies have the same needs, although automation, as a general principle, is a positive factor.

Today you can find pallet wrappers for many sectors of industrial activity. There are pallet wrappers for the food, agriculture, beverage, construction, logistics and distribution, paper and chemical industries, among others. Here, and as a general principle, you will have to buy a wrapping machine adjusted to the needs of your sector.

And for that reason, it is very important that you take into account the following aspects. Take note, this will help you shop wisely:

Wrapper speed

The speed of the wrapper is key because it helps you do your job more efficiently. Generally, revolutions per minute (rpm) and throughput of number of pallets wrapped per hour are the two benchmarks. A wrapping machine with more than 80 pallets per hour is considered high performance, but some reach 160 pallets per hour, such as the Saturn S8.

However, you will have to take into account the size and needs of your company. Sometimes, 45 pallets per hour is sufficient, since your needs are smaller and the price is lower. The rule, then, is to relate speed to your activity. 

Load stability

Load stability is another essential aspect. The reason? Wrapping machines are designed so that the film ensures the stability of the goods. There are wrappers that, thanks to their bottom-up system of operation, ensure that the load is kept in perfect condition. The rotary ring stretch wrappers are able to maintain stability, because they move up and down according to the wrapping cycle. It is therefore worth opting for this technology because it provides the greatest stability. 

Load presentation

The presentation of the load is another decisive element, because the goods must be able to pass the clearance controls; otherwise, they may be rejected. It is also a question of image for the company. To this end, the operation of the pallet wrapper is critical. A quality stretch wrapper creates a closed finish wrapping and, therefore, improves the image. Remember that for quality controls it is important that the seal is well made, but that presence can also have an influence. 


Automation is extremely important, and you need to know about it. The reason? This allows it to operate more efficiently. And automation aids the entire palletizing process, from start to finish. Therefore, opting for a wrapping machine that does the whole process is convenient. There are several reasons for this:

  • The human error factor is reduced exponentially. Not surprisingly, when working in an automated manner, errors are reduced. You have to think that here the operation is already designed from the beginning. 
  • Reduced breakage or loss of merchandise. This makes automation a desirable work philosophy. This is precisely one of the problems of improper wrapping, either because of improper handling of the load or because the goods are not accepted at their destination.
  • The cost of the labor factor will be reduced. Obviously, when you work with machines, you need less labor to do the same activity. And, in addition, your staff will be able to engage in activities directly related to adding value. 

When choosing the right wrapping machine for you, you have to check how many functions it can do. And the more autonomous it is, the better. This will make it easier to work on a day-to-day basis.

Pre-stretching of the material

The machine’s ability to pre-stretch the material is another point you need to be aware of. First, because you will make better use of your resources. What’s more, a tight pre-stretch results in a better quality end result. A general principle to be sought, therefore, is that of adjustment. There are machines, for example, that stretch up to 4 meters for every meter of material, so that it will fit better and stability will be guaranteed. 

For this, there must be a good film fixation system, reducing shrinkage to a minimum. For this reason, it is recommended to use a rotary ring wrapper. In this way, the process will be much simpler and produce solid results. 


Costs are a factor that has to be understood in terms of machine price and operation. On the one hand, the price of the machinery has to be taken into account in relation to models with similar performance. In addition, the automatic operation of the wrapping machine can save material or energy. Consequently, and in relation to the period of useful life, you might opt for one model over another. 

Cost, however, may be a relative factor. To avoid mistakes, it is best to make a prior projection of the performance you expect from the machine. And you need to be realistic, taking as a reference other existing models in the market. 

Customer Service

Customer service is another element to consider when purchasing an automatic pallet wrapper. There are good foreign manufacturers, but you may encounter the issue that, for example, they do not have the part you need in your country in case of incidents, or they take longer to attend to your issue. In this sense, being able to count on good customer service is key to solving any problem. 

Time is money, and the less you waste, the better. Think, for example, that every day a machine is down, you are losing money. This means, therefore, you should check beforehand who can offer you locally manufactured machinery of quality and with a reliable customer service. 


Choosing a quality automatic rotary ring pallet wrapper that will help you do your job efficiently is essential to perform at your best. At Movitec we have quality pallet wrapping machines manufactured domestically that offer great results. We have models for all types of companies, depending on their size, needs and sector of activity. Call us to learn more!