There are many advantages of pallet wrapping, especially from the palletizer’s perspective. This article will emphasize 10 things you need to know.

10 advantages of automated pallet stretch wrapping

Nowadays, pallet wrapping is no longer an option, but a necessity for many reasons. The loads are of different types and sometimes fragile. However, it is equally important to say that, in order to be successful, wrapping has to be automated. There are numerous machines that can perform this function.

Pallet stretch wrapping really only has one application, which is to protect the load and give it stability. But beyond these premises, there are many other reasons. In times of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, automation has enabled a leap forward. Likewise, issues such as quality finishes and careful use of resources are even more important in situations of high inflation as we are currently seeing. 

The advantages of automated pallet wrapping are manifold. This will allow you to work better in every way. And we can highlight, among others, the following benefits:

1. Load stability

The first thing you need to know is that pallet wrapping provides load stability. The fixation achieved by pre-stretching achieves this effect. In practice, this results in less breakage due to internal misplacement. It must be remembered that the higher the pallet, the more likely it is to be unstable. Therefore, it is a good reason to wrap with a machine. 

2. Protection from knocks

Wrapping protects the load from small blows that may damage it, especially partially. The more fragile the load, the more likely it is to break, either due to poor placement or the arrangement itself. Overall, the film used is a second layer of protection, so it is very useful. In fact, this is one of the primary reasons for wrapping, along with stability. 

3. Improved company image

When you wrap a pallet with an automatic machine that works with a rotary ring, you get a perfect and homogeneous seal. Often, palletizing can be good, but an external image issue can cause problems. The result is that you convey an image of professionalism, and that undoubtedly makes a difference. You will look better in front of your customers and reduce the volume of returns. 

4. Cost savings

The manual wrapping process is much more costly, both in terms of labor and use of resources. With an automatic stretch wrapper, the amount of film you will use to wrap the pallet is substantially less. And, although there are several options, it will always be cheaper, in the long run, than delegating this task to workers. As long as you perform this operation frequently, it will pay off. It is not surprising that the manufacturing or distribution industries often use automatic stretch wrappers

5. Time savings

Automatic wrapping saves a lot of time compared to manual wrapping. Today there are machines, for example, that are capable of wrapping 160 pallets per hour. And this is not to be overlooked, especially when you need to wrap dozens or hundreds of pallets per day. This technology is ideal because it helps companies to be more competitive. The more intensive the palletizing, the greater the time savings, and you will see a difference. 

6. Improved personnel safety

Handling a pallet, even when wrapping, always involves a certain amount of risk. And the possibility of suffering a work accident is real, even due to overexertion or poor handling postures. The use of a wrapper will eliminate this risk because the machine will take care of everything. Think that you will improve the safety of your staff and that, with it, you will have a better CSR.

7. Improved overall productivity

One of the advantages of automated pallet wrapping is that it improves overall productivity. Why? Because this will allow you to obtain more resources with the same productive factors. The automation is a path of no return for companies that include it in their production processes. And this is something that, in the medium and long term, is noticeable. Spending less money, with the same service, better image and optimal results, is profitable. 

8. Resource optimization

Resource optimization is one of the advantages of pallet stretch wrapping. Firstly, because you use less film and achieve the same result. The second reason is that you will need less labor. And finally, because you will be able to focus your employees’ activities on issues that generate value. Often, it is a matter of achieving a better result with what is available and knowing how to organize resources well; technology helps us to do this. 

9. Improved customer service

Improved customer service is another reason for choosing a pallet wrapper. The result you get is professional and you can make shipments faster. And this is something that customers value, in every way. If you want to work well and professionally, this is a good way to do it. 

10. Reduced volume of returns

The number of returns of a shrink-wrapped pallet will be greatly reduced. The reason is that the palletizing is more precise and that, in addition, the seal is of high quality. This reduces the number of returned goods in the customer’s quality control (or clearance). Therefore, expenses will be reduced, both for the returns and for the failed sale. 


The advantages of automated pallet wrapping are diverse, hence the increasing use of specialized machinery. And it is good that you count on local manufacturers that can provide quality models and quality technical support. At Movitec we have several options that are adapted to companies from various sectors. Contact us to learn more!