The Saturn S8 machine is the brand’s premium model for pallet wrapping. Do you want to know the advantages of this model? Here we describe them in more detail. 

Main features and benefits of the Saturn S8

These machines have one function, which is to bale and secure the load so that it is stable. And it should be noted that this is suitable for pallets, but also for containers. The number of pallets that can be wrapped, within the same quality standards, is the differentiating factor. And here the Saturn S8 is an item that delivers quality. 

Saturn S8 features

The Saturn S8 is designed for companies of a certain size. Why? Because in order for you to make the most of it, you have to have sufficient baling capacity to respond to these capabilities. In this sense, this is the most complete machine offered by the company. Here are the main features:

Hermetic seal

The sealing of this machine is hermetic, in the sense that it avoids film tails. This is achieved thanks to the film pre-stretching capacity of this machine, which is 300% (from 1 to 4 meters). Therefore, it is also a way to save material. A quality finish is essential to avoid breakage or deterioration of the load. 

Rotation speed

Rotational speed is another, if not the most important, distinguishing feature of the Saturn S8. With this machine, running at full capacity, you can wrap up to 160 loads per hour. It is the fastest machine available from Movitec. Not surprisingly, rapid turnover is essential to achieve a competitive result with respect to other companies. 

Types of wrapping

Several types of wrapping are possiblewith this machine. For example, you can wrap from top to bottom, bottom to top, starting from any point on the load, double wrapping, dust and rain wrapping, and finally stacking pallets as if they were one. All of these options make it easier for wrapping to rise to the occasion, because not all loads are the same. Consequently, this machine is a good choice to meet a variety of needs. 

Advantages of using the Saturn S8

The practical advantages of using this machine for your company are several, beyond those common to automatic wrapping for this reason, we consider it a highly competitive option. These options set themselves apart from others on the market. Take note, this is of interest to you:

1. Speed

Its speed is undoubtedly one of the fastest on the market. It is estimated that, operating at full capacity, you can wrap 180 loads per hour. This, in manufacturing or distribution companies, is key if you want to work better. Nowadays, and if you make intensive use of this type of machinery, taking less and doing more is fundamental to optimize the available resources. 

2. Savings

Savings with the Saturn 8 are achieved in two distinct ways, and are tangible and real. Firstly, by pre-stretching the film, because it saves a significant amount of film. And, secondly, thanks to thesavings in labor costs. Therefore, it is a way to work better, but also to avoid problems arising from human error, because here it is minimized. 

3. Automation

Automation is another advantage of this machine, as the process can be controlled. For example, centralized automation with sensors is used to adjust stretch wrapping and works to the dimensions of each pallet. Another possibility to note is that the roll changes are automatic, so you won’t waste any time. 

4. Adjustable pressure

Adjustable pressure is one of the added features of this pallet wrapper. And this is especially important, because it provides the possibility of minimizing the breakage possibilites due to not properly adjusting the load. Please note that the ring dimensions can be adjusted to different diameters, so that the desired effect will be achieved in each case (between 1,750 and 2,900mm). 

5. Versatility

One of the characteristics of the Saturn S8, which gives it added value, is its versatility. Because, in reality, you can use it for a number of uses, materials and sectors of activity. The most important are the following:

  • Non-alcoholic drinks, soft drinks, juices and beer. In this case, wrapping is compatible with the type of packaging used. One example is the top-cover function, since it handles the protection from dust and rain; in addition, the roping allows the insertion of a reinforcement cord.
  • Wines, cava and cider. In this context, load stabilization is a fundamental aspect. Especially because this type of beverage requires a special fixation. 
  • Cardboard and paper boxes. Thanks to the shrink wrapping line, the same result is achieved as in traditional shrink wrapping, with shrink sleeves. In addition, automatic load tension control is achieved. 
  • Drums, barrels, coils and plastic containers. Here it should be noted that it is suitable not only for traditional film, but also for other more robust materials such as non-wovens
  • Containers for distribution and logistics. This is especially important when a mixed pallet of different goods is to be wrapped. Well, with automatic picking, it is easier to achieve the desired effect and it works very well with irregular loads. 
  • Phytosanitary products and animal feed. Phytosanitary products and animal feed are also effectively wrapped. 

For all these reasons, this is a very interesting machine if you want to use it in different contexts. This machine will work well, and in an efficient manner, provided it has been correctly adjusted beforehand.


The Saturn S8 is undoubtedly a benchmark for automatic wrapping work. And, without a doubt, it will be an ally to those companies that want to do their work better, in less time and eliminating the possibility of human error. We encourage you to find out more! At Movitec we would be delighted to show you this and other items from our catalog! Contact us!