Beverage baling is the technique of baling pallets to make the load stable and safe. What do you need to know about this discipline? Don’t worry, here we provide you with more details.

What you need to know about beverage baling

There are a number of aspects that must be taken into account in order to ensure that beverages are correctly wrapped. Not surprisingly, this is usually done for industrial purposes and each case has its own characteristics. For this reason, we would like to explain which points need to be considered when pallet baling take note:

1. What is the type of beverage to be baled?

The first thing to consider is the type of beverage to be baled. This is not irrelevant, because the type of surface (tin, glass, cardboard or plastic) and its volume will require a certain placement and pressure in the baling process. Generally, everything from soft drink or beer cans to wine, juice cartons or plastic soft drink bottles can be packed into bales.

It is important to keep in mind that the measurements will have a great influence on how it is baled. In the end, the machines, even if they are automatic, have to be adjusted. Therefore, remember that, before starting the baler, the pallet must be compact.

2. Pallet sizes

Pallet sizes are another aspect to consider when baling beverages. Above all, to adapt the baling machines to the needs of the customer. Today, the most common pallet sizes are American (1,000 x 1,200 millimeters) or European (800 x 1,200 millimeters). If either of these references apply, you should not have too much of a problem.

The main difference is in size, as the American pallet tends to be somewhat larger than the European pallet. And, although the first type is the most widely used internationally, the European pallet is also easy to find. Remember, too, that you must check that the pallets are pallets are certified.

3. Baling speed

The speed of pallet baling is one of the essential points. Depending on the characteristics of the company or its needs, the baling machine will be set to work faster or slower. It is possible to find baling machines with speeds of between 45 pallets per hour (Saturn S2) and 120 pallets or more (Saturn 8). This aspect is one that you need to consider especially carefully.

The idea, in essence, is simple: the higher the turnover in your company, the greater the need for high baling speed. In an SME the Saturn S2 model can cover your needs well, while companies of a larger size will need more advanced models.

4. What material will be used for beverage baling?

The material to be used for beverage baling is another element to consider. Most of the time it will be film, but there are some baling machines that can use other similar materials. In any case, make sure that the film used is stretchable, because one of the keys is to save materials.

What are the advantages of beverage baling?

Beverage baling, as long as it is automatic, provides several advantages to the companies that use it. The most important are the following:

Stability of the load

The first advantage of baling beverages is that you guarantee that the load is stable. And if this is important in all goods, it is much more so when it comes to liquids. If it is glass, for example, fragility is at a maximum, so anything that provides stability will reduce the chances of falls. This is the main reason why baling is widespread and film is the main material.

Safety in handling

Safety in goods handling is the second advantage of this methodology. The reason? The chances of breakage are reduced, and the stability makes the pallet easier to handle. In addition, automatic baling reduces the risk of workplace accidents resulting from manual baling. It is therefore by far the safest technique available for both the goods and preventing occupational hazards.


One of the advantages of baling is that it adds a layer of protection between the goods and the outside surface. Let’s not kid ourselves: no matter how clean your warehouse or factory is, it is relatively easy for dust and impurities to adhere. The film layer means that you can repel the dirt and deliver the goods in better conditions. This is undoubtedly a plus when it comes to managing palletizing because you avoid contamination and improve your corporate image.

Reducing time

Shorter delivery times are one of the significant advantages of choosing baling. Why? Because it takes less time to handle, transport and unload the cargo. As the chances of errors and incidents are reduced, this ultimately provides time to manage other areas that generate value. And it will undoubtedly make the service you provide more efficient. This is another reason why this technique is recommended for your company.

Better space management

Better space management is another benefit derived from beverage baling. Baling lets you arrange your load better and this, in practice, means that the pallet takes up less space. When there are several units in the same room, baling helps to give you more room to introduce another load. It is therefore a great source of efficiency.


Automatic beverage baling is a very interesting option to increase the efficiency and quality of your service for your customers. Are you looking for a reliable machine that can fulfill this function? Fortunately, here’s a company that can help you with that. At Movitec we have several options adapted to different types of companies. Get to know them better!