Maintaining a pallet wrapper is vital if you want to maximize its performance and extend its useful life. Would you like to know how to do it? Don’t worry! We can tell you all about it.

Tips for good maintenance of a pallet wrapper

Buying a pallet wrapper already entails, from the start, a choice to maintain it. In general, we recommend checking the value for money ratio because the most expensive machine may be the cheapest in the medium and long term. The quality of the materials and the service life of the parts are factors to be evaluated.

On the other hand, and this is no less important, maintaining a pallet wrapper involves a series of systematic actions. It goes without saying that not taking care of the machine at the right time will have a negative impact on its operation. This is where workers and management play a decisive role. You must have a degree of know-how to work and clean it, and your personnel play an essential role in this.

We therefore recommend these actions to make your pallet wrapper last longer and stay in good condition. If you want to get the most out of models like the Saturn 6, you need to follow these tips. Take note:

1. Turn the machine on and off when necessary

The first important thing to do is to turn the machine on and off when appropriate. First, because in order to work properly, it needs to be turned on some time before. Secondly, because turning it off not only saves energy, but also reduces unnecessary wear and tear on the motors.

There are models that clearly show the operating point. And it is best to take this seriously, because it can cause problems in the medium and long term. Nowadays, thanks to certain mobile apps, it is easier to control remotely.

2. Regular cleaning as part of maintaining a pallet wrapper

 Regular cleaning of the machine is another necessity to keep it in perfect condition. To do so, it is advisable to follow these guidelines:

  • Clean dust, water or grease from the outside of the machine. This is one way to minimize the chance of surface damage and corrosion. You can clean the outside regularly, and this does not require special training. The only thing you have to check is that the liquid you use is the right one.
  • Open the interior and use specialized items to clean it. This usually causes more problems due to dust or grease blockages, which can cause problems in daily operation. It is very important that the cleaning is done by qualified personnel due to the potential risk involved.

Consequently, cleaning when appropriate (or when you suspect it is necessary) saves problems. It is worth considering, since its absence leads to a risk of recurring breakdowns.

3. Grease regularly

Friction and rubbing between parts are lethal to the proper functioning of the machine. And they may sometimes need some grease to avoid problems. You should always include this option among the preventive maintenance actions. You can test this with a simple check. Today, thanks to Big Data and automation, it is easier to do these checks. This means you can detect the problem before it shows itself, greasing when necessary.

4. Check wrapping tension

Checking the wrapping tension is another key point to make sure there are no problems. The reason? Besides wasting more material, setting the wrong tension can jam certain parts and, ultimately, block the engine. For this reason, the person who starts the wrapping machine should always check the tension to ensure that it is correct. This point is very important, so a mechanic should take a look before it starts working.

5. Replace parts that reach the end of their working life

The internal parts have a certain working life that you can see when you buy the machine (if it is new). In this case, it is advisable to make a projection and make the change when the time comes.

Most of the time, if parts of the inner workings are involved, it will pay to replace them rather than buy a new one. However, you may encounter the problem that there are no spare parts because they are no longer manufactured; if you find yourself in this situation, you should consider what is best for you because the parts may be more expensive. In this respect, the reputation of the manufacturer counts, and a lot. But you should not expect to have problems if the machine is not old.

In any case, the maintenance of a pallet wrapper considers the replacement of parts as a preventive or corrective action. The sooner you do it, the better. After all, a small problem in one part can ruin operations because the machine breaks down.

6. Establish an inspection schedule

Creating an inspection schedule is another necessary condition for good maintenance. In short, the idea is to take advantage of new technologies to perform preventive and inspection maintenance. This will minimize the risk of problems due to not finding them in time.

This measure can be carried out by the person in charge of the machine or, if there is none, by an external company. Therefore, it is a good way to advance the day-to-day business. And any company that regularly works with a baling machine has to keep this point in mind.

Maintenance of a pallet wrapper: conclusion

You can maintain a pallet wrapper correctly if you are clear about the steps we mention. Do you want to buy a good quality pallet wrapper for your company? At Movitec we help you find the one that best suits you, depending on your interests. Contact us at and don’t hesitate to ask!