9 ways to innovate in warehouse management

 Innovation is necessary in all areas of business, and logistics is no exception. A warehouse can be managed better and this will have an impact on your turnover volumes, cost reduction and optimization of space. Here are 9 ways to improve to stay one step ahead:

1. Clearly mark the spaces

The first thing you need to do is to clearly mark the storage spaces. And for this purpose, it is a good idea to take a look at the floor plan of the warehouse or hall. Why do we say this? Because the biggest problem is often bad organization in the past that wastes space. Fortunately, here is an alternative if you plan ahead with good sense.

Planning makes the difference between working professionally and working like an amateur. And, in this sense, if you arrange the spaces beforehand, it will be much easier to avoid inconveniences later on.

2. Automate warehouse processes

The automation of warehousing processes is a great reason for disruptive innovation. Consider that, when you automate this process, you reduce the use of the human factor, the margin of error and optimize the use of resources. Not surprisingly, this is a disruptive innovation that marks a turning point, because there is no going back.

Automation can reach into different areas, but it also affects devices. In the end, the more technical resources you can use, the better it will be.

3. Use a pallet stretch wrapper to make better use of space

Pallet stretch wrappers help you to manage space better, and have other important advantages. Remember that wrapping puts pressure on the load and prevents it from taking up more space than necessary. Also, and this is the most important point, you make the load more stable, reduce the chances of breakage or contamination of the goods, avoiding unnecessary cost overruns or expenses.

There are several wrapping speeds depending on the type of pallet. For all these reasons, having a pallet stretch wrapper like the Saturn S8 makes your work much easier.

4. Controls traceability with specific software

Traceability of stock is important, at reception, in storage and management. What does this mean? You will need specific software that can record all these movements; moreover, this software must be able to perform real-time queries, which will be used to implement changes. Today there are numerous tools that can help you fulfill this function.

Having a Warehouse Management System (WMS) is the best option if you want to implement these systems. There are some interesting tools to fulfill this functionality, such as Two, AlierSGA, Ahora, Aqua Intelligent or IzyPro.

5. Take advantage of Big Data

 Big Data is essential because it helps you to anticipate future movements. Do you want to plan better for incoming and outgoing goods? Analyzing historical data will help you to do this. Do you want to check whether you have enough space and when it is best to buy the goods at the best price? Data analysis can also achieve this. In short, there are many possibilities open to you.

Today, Big Data can be fully exploited thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI). There are numerous advantages and, for that reason, it is highly recommended that

6. Access to information in real time

The availability of information in real-time is vital to avoid problems and inefficient use of resources. You have to ensure device connectivity through an intranet. The idea is that every worker involved in the warehouse management process can have access

It is worth bearing this in mind, otherwise unnecessary time will be wasted. Companies today cannot afford to lose time due to poor or outdated access to information, so it is important to be clear on this point.

7. Make it vertical, whenever possible

The concept of verticalization refers to the possibility of taking advantage of the height of your space . And this is especially interesting when working with pallets and when there is sufficient height in warehouses or industrial buildings. What can’t be done in width, perhaps can be done in height.

What we recommend is that you make a prior calculation of the warehouse management possibilities. Not surprisingly, if the calculations are incorrect, you may have more problems than benefits, but, in any case, this is an interesting alternative if the amplitude is tight.

8. Ensure that your staff are qualified for the changes

When you are going to make any major changes to your warehouse management, make sure your staff is properly qualified. While this is simple for new hires, the issue changes when it comes to employees who are already on the payroll; here it will be necessary to provide the necessary training for knowledge recycling.

Poorly qualified personnel who do not work as a team can torpedo any change that is implemented and slow it down. Therefore, make sure that the question of qualifications is covered as well as the other changes.

9. Logs all movements in the cloud

The cloud is a very useful storage environment that should be indispensable today. Besides the physical data centers, the cloud offers flexibility and is compatible with other systems. Recording all movements in the cloud is good for any company, but even more so in logistical matters, as long as you consult the right people.

In any case, we do recommend that the record of movements be clearly structured. This will ultimately avoid misunderstandings and make your job easier.


These innovations will improve your Warehouse management, and you will notice the difference. At Movitec  we have several models of stretch wrappers to improve your handling processesContact us without obligation!