A manufacturer of rotary ring wrapping machines can offer your company several interesting options. Would you like to learn more about them? Keep reading…

Manufacturer of rotary ring wrappers: what are their advantages?

The manufacturer of rotary ring wrapping machines specializes in machines that allow professional pallet wrapping. There are many advantages to these devices, which is why more and more companies are using them.

However, people sometimes wonder whether this technology is suitable for all sectors of activity. And the answer is yes, as long as the palletizing technique is used. In fact, there are companies that specialize in manufacturing wrappers for agricultural activities or for the chemical industry.

Would you like to learn more about the main advantages of incorporating this technology in your company? Keep reading…

1. Manufacturer of rotary ring wrapping machines: faster

Speed is one of the main added values of these machines. And, although the speed varies depending on the model, you can certainly wrap many more pallets than with other conventional machines. For example, a basic rotary ring model such as the Saturn S2 wraps 45 pallets per hour and some models such as the Saturn S6 can reach 120.

Be that as it may, the speeds achieved are notable. And regardless of whether you are an SME or a larger company, it is competitive. If your problem is speed, a rotary ring baler will solve it.

2. Better quality finish

Finishes with a rotary ring wrapping machine are always of better quality. Not surprisingly, its rotation capacity means that it is easier to cover the entire pallet without leaving areas bare. So if you want to avoid unprotected areas, this is the best option.

There is another issue that is equally important, and that is space management. A rotary ring machine is more versatile than other models. And this is especially important for SME who have limited space, because they have to maneuver. When it comes to detail work, this type of machines responds perfectly.

Consequently, if what you want is a good job for your pallet wrapping, this is an option. And, in the long run, you will notice the difference compared to other technologies.

3. Improved material management

Material management is another reason why this type of machine is highly recommended. It is important to keep in mind that film losses due to defective finishes are greatly reduced. If guarantees of good management of both the pallets and of the film are what matters to you, this is a good option.

The rotating ring reduces unnecessary tails. This will undoubtedly help you save in the long run. Therefore, this is another clear advantage of using a rotary ring wrapper.

4. Safety and stability

Safety is a must when it comes to handling pallets, throughout the entire process. And it’s not just about principles, but also about transportation and delivery to destination.

Using a rotary ring wrapper can help you a lot, because it settles the load well and provides stability. Not surprisingly, one recurring problem is that loads can move, and this can put the situation of the load at risk, but also the safety of the handler. The rotating ring technology works well on all types of loads, but especially on fragile or particularly sensitive loads.

For this reason, using a rotary ring wrapping machine helps to keep the load stable and well secured. And this, in the long run, also implies an improvement in service.

5. Process automation

One of the positive elements of wrapping machines that represent a competitive advantage is automation. This means that you can achieve better results and, above all, operations that are performed on a regular basis do not have to be repeated. They can also be integrated into automatic lines to better manage the process.

One thing must be made clear: the rotating ring can operate automatically. This results in a better outcome without having to repeat processes. It is simply a matter of programming the operation and leaving the load in the right place.

6. Less film consumption

Film consumption is usually more efficient when using a machine from a rotary ring wrapping machine manufacturer. There are two reasons for this, stretching and less waste.

It should be borne in mind that the film is stretched by 300%, so that 100 millimeters of film will yield 400 when stretched; these results are not achieved, however, with wrapping machines of any other type, much less by hand. Secondly, it must be considered that rotating ensures better cover for the different parts of the pallet, minimizing waste generation.

It is true that the location of the load must be right, but, under normal conditions, the savings are significant. And if we take into account that the price of film is subject to that of oil, this is not a minor factor.

7. Reduction of personnel costs

Reducing personnel costs is another of the advantages of incorporating this technology. And there are several reasons for this, both in terms of automation and results.

First, automation frees up these labor-intensive tasks, so you can direct your productive efforts to other functions. And, on the other hand, since the result is better, you will not have to repeat wrapping tasks because there will be fewer returns.

The reality is that, if you want to be more competitive, this is an issue that should not be ignored. Therefore, this is another benefit of using these technologies.

In conclusion

A manufacturer of rotary ring wrappers can offer you many options suited to the characteristics of your company. Do you need quality machinery duly approved for any sector of activity? At Movitec we have several options available for you. Contact us to learn more!