Choosing the best pallet wrapping machine will depend on your prior expectations, but also on what you really need. This guide will make the decision much easier; please read on…

How to choose the best pallet wrapper: everything you need to know

There are many criteria for choosing the best pallet wrapper, but one decisive factor is the type of business you have. An SME does not work under the same conditions as a large company, just as working with a company that distributed car components is not the same as working with a food company.

Pallet wrapping has specific characteristics that must be considered. Be that as it may, keep these points in mind; take note: 

Calculate the number of pallets you have to wrap

One objective criterion is the number of pallets you have to wrap or, in other words, the workload to be handled. This is not a minor issue, because it is possible to work out how many pallets you will process in a single working day.

This is important when deciding between one wrapping machine or another. The more intensive the use, the more importance you will have to give to the quality of the machinery, for example. Therefore, this is a first element to be clear about, along with the costs of the machine.

What we want is often speed. So it is not only how much you can do in the long term that counts, but also what is possible in the short term. 

Wrapper quality

The quality of the finish when wrapping a pallet is critical. For example, it is very important that there is no excess or trailing film, because we do not want a pallet to come back from a gauge control. The film must also be tight, because the better the quality of the wrapping, the lower the chances of tearing or damage.

When choosing a pallet wrapping machine, this is another point to consider. Will your pallet wrapper close well, and will it do so without leftovers? In that case, it’s a good machine, because the fewer problems you have after palletizing, the better. 

Palletizing speed

The palletizing speed of the machine is another factor to consider when making your decision. And here we have to tell you that this can vary a lot depending on the item. For example, there are wrapping machines that guarantee up to 45 pallets per hour, while others can reach 120. If you are a line manufacturer, you may be interested in knowing the maximum capacity of pallets that can be wrapped per hour.

Materials to be used for wrapping

The materials you will use for wrapping are different and, therefore, the stretching capacity may also be different. It is most common to use stretch film, because it guarantees stability and lower consumption however, depending on the type of product, other materials such as kraft paper or shrink film are also used.

You cannot ignore this factor when choosing a wrapping machine. Not surprisingly, you must apply less pressure when using kraft paper so that it does not tear, but you want more pressure when using stretch film to achieve a good result.

Level automation of the wrapping machine

The degree of automation of the wrapping machine can vary, because there are automatic and semi-automatic machines. The first type needs no external intervention, because it works without it, while the second type requires an operator, even if only to start the process.

What will we find? A semi-automatic wrapper or baler could be cheaper, but today the differences are narrowing. Automation is better because it optimizes the use of production resources, lowers costs and eliminates the risk of workplace accidents. Reducing the inconvenience of the human factor is a good thing, whenever possible.

Ideally, you should be able to control the entire process, from start to finish. Today’s best pallet wrapper gives you the option of electronic and self-adjusting tension and pressure control.

The best pallet wrapping machine: calculate the cost

Cost is another essential factor before deciding on one model or another. But it is not enough to take into account the total cost, you should also consider these points:

  • The working life of the machine. This is an unavoidable factor, especially in view of the growth prospects of your business. Sometimes, it is better to anticipate periods of growth in order to have the capacity to respond. However, keep in mind that when we talk about the working life, it will always be based on an “X” workload.
  • The number of pallets that can be wrapped, not only per hour, but per day or in total. Having this figure will help us to see what level of performance we can expect from our wrapping machine. When you have this figure, you should divide the final price by the number of pallets, to have a realistic estimate.
  • The cost of maintenance. Although we must use the machinery correctly to ensure it stays in good condition we still have to make checks and change parts from time to time. It is important to know who is responsible for the warranty and if there are any additional costs.

All of this will enable us to decide whether buying a particular wrapping machine is the best option, or if there are others. Therefore, you should take your time before making a decision.

Quality of materials

The quality of the wrapping machine materials is also a factor to consider. These have to be sufficiently robust, waterproof and corrosion-resistant to ensure the machine’s long service life. In this case, we advise you to look at the technical data sheet, but also to make sure there is a long warranty period.

In short…

As we can see, to find the best pallet wrapper, you have to follow these guidelines and evaluate them. If you want automation, we recommend a rotary ring baler, because you will get better results. At Movitec we are specialized in models of stretch wrapping machines with different speeds and for all business sectors. Contact us for a free quotation!