The use of automatic pallet wrappers is advantageous for many reasons. Want to know them? In this post, we give you more details on how to take advantage of them.

10 Benefits of Automatic Pallet Wrappers

Automation is taking over in all types of companies, and when it comes to managing pallets, wrapping has to be of quality. Acquiring automatic pallet wrappers is an investment that you will quickly make profitable.

It should be noted that automation processes are irreversible, because, once adopted, there is no going back to the previous system. And this undoubtedly happens because there is a disruption. What happens is that often the benefits of taking the step are not sufficiently known.

Well, here we provide you with that information. These are the 10 most important benefits of automatic pallet wrappers:

1. Increased wrapping speed

The main advantage is that the speed of wrapping is much higher than with manual or semi-automatic methods. It depends on the models, because you can achieve a speed of up to 160 pallets per hour with the Saturn S8. And, what’s more, these types of wrappers are suitable for all kinds of industries.

There are machines for different business needs. And it’s logical, because some companies have to wrap only in small quantities, while others have other dimensions. Be that as it may, the difference is substantial compared to other methods.

2. Optimized material consumption

The optimization of material consumption is another advantage. As the film is tensioned better, a higher yield ratio per meter (4:1) of film can be achieved, so you will need less to get the best result. If your company uses this material intensively, the long-term savings are significant. And, moreover, anything that optimizes consumption will benefit the company.

3. Occupational safety

Occupational safety is one of the favorable points of these wrappers. The reasons are several:

• Firstly, the worker does not have to directly take care of pallet wrapping. This work, undoubtedly, has potential danger. It is extremely easy to suffer from back problems, falls, or other types of accidents.

• The process can be controlled remotely, which reduces the chances of occupational accidents. And all this does not require a high professional qualification. When we are talking about these volumes and weights, it is not a minor issue.

• There are fewer film residues, which results in greater safety in the warehouse or factory. In the end, many trips or falls originate, precisely, from these film residues left on the floor.

Therefore, this is a good option to improve safety ratios and comply with the Occupational Risk Prevention Law. Let’s keep in mind that safety is one of the non-negotiable points by law, but also by Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.).

4. You need less labor

An automatic wrapper reduces the need for labor. Not in vain, much fewer people are needed to do the work, so productivity will increase. Also, let’s not forget that human error causes, in large part, numerous losses, and here this issue would be minimized. Definitely, if what you want is to optimize your resources, this is a good way to achieve it.

5. Compatible with production lines

Automatic wrappers are compatible with production lines. Why? Because they can be easily integrated into the process as a final part. In a factory, this is fundamental, and the good thing is that they serve for consumer goods, but also for perishable materials, because there are wrappers for the fresh food and beverage sector. All you need is to properly order the resources to make it easier.

6. More professional finish

When using an automatic wrapper, the finish is much more professional. There are no film tails, the material is better tensioned, and, moreover, it ensures that the wrapping is uniform. The practical consequence is that, in gauge controls, the chances of the goods being rejected are much lower. For that reason, it is a recommendable investment because, in the end, how you send the products is also a way of branding.

7. You reduce costs

Cost reduction is achieved in several ways, but it is another of the advantages of using this wrapping system. First, because less film is needed to do the same job. The second advantage is that less labor is required for the activity. Also, the percentage of returns will be reduced. And, finally, the chances of accidents or additional costs are lower.

8. Adaptability to different sizes

The adaptability to different sizes is another of the inherent benefits of these machines. Why? Because, in the end, this allows working indistinctly with European and American pallets, the most used. If a company has to work with both types, it can do so with the same machine, once it is properly adjusted. Consequently, it is much easier to get the most out of each machine.

9. Automatic pallet wrappers can be programmed remotely 

Remote programming allows for more flexible work. In addition to providing security, it facilitates the control of processes and that changes can be made if necessary. Today, they operate with intuitive software that is easy to understand for any operator. For all these reasons, these types of machines are very interesting.

10. You gain competitiveness

All these factors, finally, contribute to the competitiveness of your company. Not in vain, if you are able to do the same work better, faster, with fewer resources and in less time, you will achieve a competitive advantage over others. Although automation is no longer an option, but a necessity, it is worth keeping in mind. This plus is what can allow you to offer better prices for your services.


Automatic pallet wrappers are the ideal partner for more efficient, competitive, and safe companies. Are you looking for one for your business? At Movitec, we have a wide range of possibilities for all types of companies. Call us and we’ll inform you!