Automatic wrapping machines offer several advantages, but here we want to focus on their direct impact on production. Want to know more? Keep reading…

What is the impact of automatic wrapping machines on production?

Automatic wrapping machines in production have several positive effects. We can say that precision and speed are the two fundamental elements. Of course, depending on the speed and type of wrapper, nuances can be introduced. Anyway, we highlight the following practical benefits:

1. Automatic Wrappers: Greater Precision in Wrapping

The first advantage in production is precision. This element is essential in production chains or any automated process. A machine, as long as it is well calibrated, offers much greater precision than any manual system. Not surprisingly, it can be programmed in advance, which substantially reduces the possibilities of human error. Here are some of the advantages:

With automatic wrappers, you will spend less time doing the job

The lack of precision when wrapping is a source, in the first place, of time loss. If you see that a pallet has not been wrapped well, you will have to restart the process from the beginning, with all the damage that entails. Well, precisely, what you achieve with automation is to minimize this possibility, because if it is calibrated correctly, there will be no room for lack of precision, ergo, you will save time.

You will avoid customer returns or customs rejections

We must point out that the result of manual wrapping is usually of poorer quality, which increases the chances of returns. Gauge controls are becoming more demanding, so it is necessary to offer better quality finishes. With automatic wrappers, thanks to their precision, you will minimize this risk. Besides, giving a good image is fundamental in any company, whatever the business, to generate trust.

You will optimize your raw materials better

Another advantage of greater precision is that it optimizes the use of raw materials. Not only because they are tensioned properly, but also because you don’t unnecessarily lose film due to breakage in the process. It’s no secret that manual wrapping tends to break more often, with the consequent loss. If you don’t want to lose money in the long run, a machine with good precision is essential.

You will reduce the risk of production stops

Imagine working on a production line. When wrapping is done manually, it is more likely that there will be stops due to errors. Well, this does not happen as much with an automatic wrapper, because it can be programmed in advance to avoid problems. We talked earlier about the importance of saving time; well, with this you also achieve it.

You will improve workplace safety

Precision brings improvements in workplace safety. A well-coordinated production line where everything works well is a safe line. Precision problems in wrapping can lead to problems with merchandise handling and the probability of workplace accidents increases. With this, you gain in safety, in every sense.

You will save fuel and electricity

Cost savings thanks to precision are achieved in two main ways. The first is that, as fewer errors are made, less electricity is used. And the second, as there are fewer returns, you will spend less fuel if you are in charge of transportation. On the other hand, turning on and off for a few pallets is always more expensive than keeping a production line running continuously.

2. Wrappers Contribute to Increased Speed

When working in a company, speed in wrapping is key to providing better and higher quality service. Well, if there is an obvious competitive advantage that automatic wrappers provide you, it is precisely speed. It depends on the type of machine, but you can find speeds of between 45 and 160 pallets per hour. The advantages derived from this are diverse, let’s see:

You will free up labor

This speed frees up labor and makes it easier to assign it to other less repetitive tasks that add value. And, looking to the future, you will need fewer people to do the same function, so you will save costs. After all, human resources have a cost and, therefore, ensuring that they focus on useful tasks that generate an advantage over competitors is crucial.

You will reduce production costs

This is not trivial, because estimates have been made that costs can be reduced by up to 60% thanks to automation. Speed allows you to do the same in much less time, and in better conditions. It should not be surprising, then, that this circumstance is taken into account in production chains. More and more, supervision tasks are prioritized, thanks to automatic machines and robotization.

You will take less time to deliver the goods

Except for problems or external force majeure causes, if it takes you less time to wrap, it takes you less time to deliver the goods. And it is no secret that, when it comes to sending goods far from your factory or warehouse, this is crucial. Consequently, you can provide better service to your customers thanks to automation. The idea is that, thanks to that, you can increase your sales volume.

You can increase your production

If pallet wrapping is faster, it is easier for you to increase your production. It is no secret that, in large companies, this is a disruptive element compared to manual systems. In the end, it’s about having available space, with these machines, you can produce more in less time, which avoids stock breaks and makes warehouse management easier. And producing more allows you to be more competitive.

In Summary

Automatic wrappers, thanks to the precision and speed they offer, are a disruptive element for all types of manufacturing and distribution companies. Are you looking for a quality wrapper with guarantees for your business? At Movitec we have a wide range of possibilities adapted to different sectors of activity. Call us and we will inform you!