The Saturn S4 pallet wrapping machine offers several advantages if you want to wrap your goods with guarantees. Want to know more about this model? Here we give you all the details…

What is the Saturn S4 pallet wrapper

The Saturn S4 model with a rotating ring is designed for SMEs, as it is conceived for medium productions in terms of dimensions and characteristics. All this, without reducing a bit of Movitec’s quality.

This wrapper operates simply: the load is placed on a pallet, and through a rotating mechanism, each pallet is wrapped with transparent film. The operation is automatic, and the entire load is covered and secured from top to bottom. However, it should be noted that everything works automatically and is programmed with software. The level of training needed to manage it is low, hence not much time is lost with this issue.

In the event of a conveyor belt or a pallet truck, it will be easy to change the merchandise to introduce a new pallet. In any case, you should know that it can adapt to different types of circumstances, as needed.

It should be noted that the machine comes with all the guarantees of Movitec and has been previously tested. Therefore, it is a work tool that can be used without problems from the installation.

The advantages of the Saturn S4 wrapper

The Saturn S4 wrappers bring numerous advantages to the companies that use them. For this reason, these technologies are disruptive today and are consolidated in industrial companies. But we can highlight, among others, the following:

1. The Saturn S4 provides speed

Firstly, these machines provide speed in wrapping. Up to 70 pallets per hour can be wrapped, which is an ideal frequency for PYMES and medium production companies. If you need to take out a certain amount of merchandise and do it well, this is a good option.

We must point out that there are faster machines and others that are slower. But, as an alternative for a medium level of activity, it will respond well. And, of course, you will be able to dispatch your merchandise without any problem.

2. This machine provides more precision

One of the advantages of this machine is the precision it provides. If you want to do a good job and reduce the possibilities of merchandise return to a minimum, this is a good option.

Keep in mind that manual wrapping, by definition, is always more imprecise than automatic. Perhaps it is not tightened well enough or, worse, film tails are left. And this, when going through customs control, can lead to the return of the merchandise. In addition, a poorly wrapped pallet gives a bad image to the end customer.

Well, thanks to this machine, this possibility is greatly reduced. After all, the ring adjusts to the dimensions of the pallet to maximize adjustment.

3. You will achieve considerable savings in raw materials

The saving of raw materials is another added value provided by this technology compared to others. And it is easily achieved, since the tensioning capacity of the transparent film is maximum, achieving 4 meters from each meter (4:1). If you want to optimize your resources, this is undoubtedly an ally.

When this operation is done by hand, the tensioning will never be the same. On the other hand, the possibilities of total or partial breakage increase exponentially. Hence, the Saturn S4 is a better option. In the end, breakages mean, beyond safety, an additional expense of raw materials.

4. It is a machine that offers versatility

One of the recurring doubts when choosing a machine is whether it will be useful for certain types of companies. And here the Saturn S4 introduces a disruptive element, for the better: you can use it in chemical industries, distribution of hygiene products, beverages, food, feed, industrial supplies, or drums. In short, it can be applied in the most varied fields. Moreover, the company can configure the machine to fit the type of company that is going to use it. In this way, performance will be maximized and a better result will be achieved.

5. You will get a reduction in labor costs

Labor costs are one of the battles for companies. And mechanization can help to reduce or optimize them. How? The Saturn S4 does it like this:

• The worker directs the process from the computer, does not have to wrap the pallet, which reduces times. Not in vain, the mere fact of having to turn around already implies a significant loss of time.

• As the worker is just a supervisor, a single person can, in the same time, direct several wrapping processes. This can be done from a central software, which optimizes activities.

• Consequently, fewer people are needed to perform the same task. In fact, if everything is well aligned, one would be enough. You won’t need to hire more people and, additionally, those you have can be redirected to activities that generate value. Therefore, you will spend less doing the same and can increase your productivity.

6. Safety at work

If there is an essential point in the labor order today, it is safety. And with this machine, you minimize the options for work accidents. Firstly, the worker does not have to physically handle the pallet, which reduces the likelihood of muscle problems. Also, by working remotely, the probability of box falls is also not likely. And finally, you should know that the chances of slipping are also reduced. Obviously, labor rights protocols must be followed. But with the Saturn S4, there will be fewer accidents, and that will also affect your bottom line.

In summary…

For many reasons, the Saturn S4 pallet wrapper is an ideal option for medium workloads and various activity sectors. Want to know more? At Movitec, we help you choose the reference that best suits your characteristics. Contact us!