The pallet wrapper for construction is an interesting option for securing the load and optimizing space. We explain what it is, how it works, and its advantages.

What is a Wrapper for Construction?

A pallet wrapper, or stretch wrapper, is an automated machine that adjusts and compresses the load to make it easier to handle.

Properly wrapping pallets is fundamental for numerous sectors of activity. However, it becomes even more crucial in construction. We’re talking about substantial materials (bricks, stones, pipes…), often robust, necessitating secure wrapping to prevent accidents.

It’s worth noting that depending on the industry type, the size of the machine can vary, as well as the pallet wrapping speed. Wrappers can be rented, but purchasing them is advisable. Therefore, this aspect should be considered before deciding what you need.

Construction materials are robust, and ensuring their stability is crucial. We outline the main advantages of this format.

Benefits of Wrappers for Construction

The advantages of using wrappers in construction are numerous. However, we can highlight the most important ones. Take note:

1. Adaptability to Different Formats

First off, it’s worth mentioning that a wrapper can adapt to different load formats, even when irregular. Sometimes, certain stones do not follow a uniform pattern; the good news is that with this type of machine, you’ll find a solution. Therefore, it’s worth considering.

Remember that there are European and American pallets. Depending on the case, adjustments to different circumstances are necessary to fit properly. With these machines, you’ll find this maneuver not to be difficult.

2. Better Time Management

Another advantage of this format is better time management since these machines are faster. By better grouping the load, it takes less time to assemble and ship it to trucks and store it. Moreover, you’ll reduce the chances of returns when the customer receives the goods.

Time is money: anything that serves to do the same in less time is good for your company. Thus, opting for this format for wrapping is a way to gain competitiveness and profits.

3. Increased Load Security

The load, with a stretched transparent film, is more secure. One of the advantages of wrappers is that they apply just the right amount of tension to prevent material falls. This provides greater safety in all respects when handling materials that are usually heavy.

Remember, safety is not an option but an obligation. There is legislation in this regard that you must comply with, hence investing in it is a way to avoid problems in the future.

4. Reduction in Workplace Accidents

The use of wrappers significantly reduces workplace accidents. Firstly, it’s important to note that the work is automated, and the less human intervention, the lower the chances of human errors. Moreover, it’s less likely that there will be work-related accidents from handling pallets. In every way, you’ll gain in safety.

5. Optimized Space Management

Space management is much easier when using a wrapper. Why? Because the load is better grouped, you can take advantage of height, thereby maximizing every square meter available for storage or transport. Undoubtedly, this is a way to optimize your available resources.

The use of automatic or semi-automatic wrappers is a great ally in warehouse management. Therefore, whenever you can incorporate this type of technology to be more competitive, do it.

6. Quality Deliveries

The deliveries of goods to customers will be of higher quality. This happens because the load is kept in better condition, and you can more easily control traceability from start to finish. Ultimately, the goal is to achieve better results and ensure the customer doesn’t see problems that dissuade them from accepting the merchandise.

7. Protection Against External Agents

Protection against external agents is another fundamental point, as it can spoil the merchandise. First, you’ll save from dust. Second, this serves to eliminate exposure to rain. And third, you’ll avoid contact with other materials or substances that are toxic or dirty. Moreover, if you want to make a quality delivery, it’s in your interest to work this way.

The idea is clear: not to allow small particles to contaminate or deteriorate your load. And this, which can be more or less severe, is solved from the root by wrapping with transparent film.

8. Reduction of Environmental Impact

The environmental impact is reduced by using these machines in several ways. On one hand, because the amount of transparent film you’ll need to use is less, as you can get up to 4 meters for every meter unstretched. Secondly, because it reduces returns, which prevents more trips. And, finally, because by managing space better, you also save on travel.

In short, if a company wants to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint in construction, it must automate. The use of a pallet wrapping machine plays a key role here.

9. Cost Reduction

Cost reduction is another reason to use wrapping machines in construction. If it takes less time to wrap the goods, the result is of better quality, you make better use of space, and also reduce accidents and returns, it’s clear you’ll reduce costs. In the end, this investment will allow you, in the medium term, to be more competitive.

Incorporate a stretch wrapper into your company

The use of a wrapper in construction has various applications, but without a doubt, it’s a technology that will help your company. Are you looking for a specific model for construction? At Movitec, we offer several options of stretch wrappers depending on the characteristics of your business. Call us without obligation, and we will inform you!