For a company to grow or increase its profitability, the productivity is significant. Obtaining good productivity leads to a greater benefit for the company and better customer service.

Generally, efficiency and time are two key agents that determine if a company is productive or not, therefore the provision of appropriate means is not a minor detail.

At Movitec, a company where research, development and design are aimed at the manufacture of high capacity wrapping machines, we are committed to enabling our customers to enhance their own performance by taking better advantage of our end-of-line machines.

With the idea of reducing downtime and increasing the productivity of the factory operator assigned to the wrapping machine, our customers can include in their Movitec high production machines the ARC System, the Automatic Film Reel Change.

The ARC is designed to reduce downtime during the change of reel of film. Its design guarantees the best efficiency, with high autonomy (up to 4 reel per head), a very small changeover time and a high reliability, above that of our competitors.

This system allows the replenishment of the reels, safely, without the need to stop the machine: it is located inside the security fence but outside the wrapping machine zone, which avoids, in this way, interruptions of the wrapping cycle.

It consists of a standard warehouse of three complete reels plus one wrapping, which means that it is capable of working up to a full shift (depends on production) autonomously. This time can be used by the operator for other tasks, allowing to increase his performance.

Its usefulness is intensified when the reel has been used up or the film has been broken while the wrapping machine is in action, providing a continuous production, independent of the availability of the operator and fully automatic. It is available for both the Saturn S6 (one head) and the Saturn S8 (two heads) being among the Saturns models, the two machines intended for high productions.

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