The automatic pre-stretch of our wrappers never disappoints. In fact, no matter the load, the product or the type of wrapping if it is to guarantee the maximum stability of the load to be wrapped.

Automatic adjustment without mechanical intervention

Fully electronic and versatile: the adjustment is done through the operator touch screen. Our system varies the pre-stretch ratio of the film, from 100% to 400%, automatically through software. It is also accompanied by an optimal tension control.

Have we already mentioned its versatility?

It adapts to any situation. Likewise, it allows you to choose different levels of pre-stretch within the same wrapping program. Similarly, it is possible to adjust the pre-stretch to each product that arrives at your wrapping machine, choosing a different one based on the type of palletized load. In this way, you will obtain a final finish adapted entirely to the physiognomy of the load.

Which therefore translates into greater stability during handling or transport.

Also, we want to underline the irrelevance of the film brand you use, we adapt entirely to your operations looking for the best result.

Do you want to know how?

Write to us!

Our sales team will be happy to assist you. What’s more, it will show you how with our wrappers and automatic pre-stretch you can:

  1. Reduce film consumption
  2. Get more performance
  3. Without sacrificing quality
  4. Without losing productivity
  5. Nor needing additional resources.