After years of experience and research, Movitec has managed to create a range of wrapping machines capable of providing a solid wrapping to palletized loads of our customers, ensuring the consistency of the load unit.

One of the last cases studied was how to perfect an already excellent end-of-line result.

The loads destined to the exportation demand an optimum stability and firmness so that its structure does not suffer obvious damages, causing damages in the product to be transported.

The tool capable of optimizing this aspect of packaging is the application of corners. It is the perfect complement that opens a range of possibilities to transport unknowns.

The main virtue that the correct structure of the palletized load provides is a lower risk of breakage of both its exterior and its interior. But when in high productions of more than 100 pallets per shift, the palletized loads destined to the protection of corners surpass approximately 5% of the total factory production, applying them manually on each pallet supposes a labor expense, without mentioning the overall productivity of the factory operator that is decreasing as production increases.

Movitec proposes to automate this process through our fully automatic corners application equipment, granting the opportunity to reduce personnel costs, even increasing their productivity.

Being members of the European association of experts in logistical safety EUMOS, we have specialized in the protection of the loads as well as in their packaging, perfectly assuring the vulnerable parts of the load unit, without apparitions of unwanted deformations.

The most important thing is that the loads reach their destination safely and intact, and that companies do not register losses during the preparation process or transport, and Movitec recognizes our customers’ priorities.

For this and more reasons, we have designed this fully automatic equipment to apply the corners in order that our customers have a complementary and effective means that guarantees the full protection of their loads.