In a few days we will say goodbye to 2019. The Movitec team wishes you happy holidays and a brilliant 2020.

This is the time of balances and respective valuations, work that is done with the greatest possible objectivity.

A physical and economic growth

It has been a positively strange year. We have seen the physical and economic growth of our company: Movitec has expanded its facilities again, to face the expected increase in sales. Increase based on the continuous growth of demand for our products in the recent years.

We have also enabled a more extensive area of exhibition and testing, where customers can personally check the entire process of wrapping with their own product and see the full potential of ours.

Reaffirming and expanding references and catalog

We have received confirmation from customers who have bet on us again. Incorporating more Saturn wrappers in their plants, they reaffirm a lasting relationship of trust that, on both sides, is established without difficulty.

We have also expanded our references thanks to new customers, to whom our end-of-line proposal has convinced. Proposal not only composed of the supply of wrapping machines, but also of our company philosophy and our way of working. The promise to accompany and advise our clients is the basis on which our work is carried out.

We are happy that our customers, both consolidated and newly acquired, can see and verify it.

2019 has also been a year of small major victories: we have been given an important economic boost to be able to develop a new wrapping machine concept. Innovate to lead that range of solutions we usually offer, expanding our catalog.

Movitec present in national and foreign fairs

Catalog presented at many fairs: Movitec has been present in numerous exhibitions around the world, confirming its presence not only in European territory, making available to visitors our experienced expertise in the world of packaging, showing our wrapper in action.

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.”


In conclusion, a very good year ends. The numbers are positive as the feedbacks of our customers. The line of the graph does not stop pointing up and, if this is even possible, it is thanks to those who bet on us and allow us to grow.

We want to thank 2019 for these favorable results, knowing that you customers are responsible and the professional staff of Movitec too.

We hope that the new year treats us just as well.

Movitec wishes you happy holidays and a brilliant 2020!