When we say that our goal is to satisfy our customer by ensuring the protection and stability of their palletized loads, we take it very seriously.

Many businesses, whatever the sector to which they belong, do not always work with a lot of production volume, but this does not mean that they cannot enjoy a machinery with high performance and low capacity.

It is in this circumstance that our Saturn S2 comes into play, which entered the Movitec catalog after a market study that indicated that this part of the market was not covered by pallet stretch ring wrapping machines.

It has been designed exactly to cover the productions of up to 45 pallets / hour of those markets that until now wrapped their loads with machines of arm or turntable, to which is currently the best alternative: the Saturn S2 has a more balanced system, with less wear and less maintenance. The charge remains static: film reel rotates around the load.

And although it is the smallest Movitec equipment, it has the same quality and tension control that characterize the Saturns of higher production.

We do not deny these industries the opportunity to enjoy an excellent performance that par excellence was dedicated to high productions.

The finish obtained thanks to our machines dispenses with the number of pallets per hour: the equipments of large volumes as well as the smaller ones promise the perfect final finish required by the client.

If you are part of this category of industry and you are interested in covering your production with small but effective machine, we have the solution.

See more in detail the characteristics of our Saturn S2.