Second meeting with “Movitec People”. Today it’s time to present one of the most veteran of our house, Ferran, a first-class worker, in all respects.

For 16 years he has been an integral part of our staff. Certainly, Ferran has been the best witness of Movitec ‘s growth, from its origins till today.

His experience at Movitec

He started with us as a After-Sales Technician, being one of the first Movitec ambassadors in clients’ homes. As the company has grown, Ferran has done so at his professional and personal side as a result.

In fact, today he is one of the few for whom our machines have no secrets. That is why he is always ready to share his know-how with his younger colleagues, to guide them and improve their dexterity.

Not to mention his long experience and seniority that allow him to see and recognize the necessary improvements so that everything works in an orderly and always balanced way.

Furthermore, he has always liked about our company the promptness and sharpness with which we have responded to that demand of manufacturers of automatic wrappers whose position in the national market nobody occupied at that time. In other words, Movitec was able then to detect a need and they have known how to take advantage of it. Therefore, we are today the national manufacturers of reference in automatic ring wrappers.

Ferran is so satisfied with working at Movitec that he aspires to finish his professional career with us. But as his philosophy of life recites, we have to live today without hurry for tomorrow, since we do not know what the future has in store for us.

Carpe Diem!

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