Movitec is premiering! We inaugurate a new section: Movitec People.

As a result of the latest global events, we have realized what is most important to us, and the human team comes first. For this reason, we have decided to interview our colleagues one by one so that you can find out what is behind our wrappers.


Today we are launching Movitec People category with Clara, our Spare Parts Manager. She’s graduated in English and Spanish Philology, and Master in financial management and banking.

She has been working at Movitec for two and a half years. Since then she has not stopped wondering at her work and the challenges that arise day after day. She is very satisfied with the daily training and learning that helps her grow personally and professionally.

We asked her what she would highlight about Movitec: our motto could not be more accurate, since it’s true that at Movitec we dare to do anything, trying to make our clients’ needs a reality.

One of her favorite quotes is:

“Nowadays, people know the price of everything, but the value of nothing”, a phrase that is still very current.

Oscar Wilde, The Picture of Dorian Gray, 1890.

Clara relates the criticism of the London writer with an aspect that perhaps we could improve within our work environment: in this world the only thing that matters should not be a superficial and ephemeral attitude, rather mutual support reinforcing teamwork, since some Values ​​such as ethics, empathy and morals are the basis of a beautiful optimal harmony.

Harmony that is witness to the excellent work and companionship of Clara, always ready to help her colleagues with whom she wishes to spend a lot of time and, thus, grow together with Movitec.

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