Nowadays, the increase of the levels of competitiveness of the markets demands that the companies adopt measures in order to improve their profitability.

In any big company, the choice of packaging can suppose an important reduction of the costs of manipulation, storage and transport.

There is a relationship between logistics costs and packaging, both direct (purchase costs of packaging and waste management) and indirect (packaging production costs, physical distribution costs or costs of claims and breakages).

It is precisely in the indirect costs where one of the existing problems regarding the packing of palletized loads can be observed:

The instability of the load, originated when there is no good relationship between the thickness of the film used and therefore its pre-stretch ratio, the number of turns applied and the regulation of the tension against the load.

At Movitec we ensure the stability of any palletized load, since our machines perform electronic and self-adjusting voltage regulation, adapting to the type of load and the perimeter thereof, ensuring the maximum possible pre-stretch, directly influencing greater savings in film consumption and its consequent waste reduction. In this way, we also contribute to reducing direct packaging costs.

A critical case are mixed pallets, which come from picking processes in industries or companies dedicated to logistics and distribution.

Generally, these loads are very irregular and unstable, and usually have the top floor incomplete.

Our range of wrapping machines can be self-adjusted so that there are no load displacements and consequently vary the wrapping depending on the gaps detected in the upper part of the load, facilitating the wrapping of such incomplete or irregular loads.

Through the control of the tension we decide how to apply the plastic film and regulate the force against the load in such a way, and by means of the pre-stretching we control the quantity supplied of the film.

Interpreting the type of pallet, and after collecting this vital information, we are able to adapt the baling process.

What at first seems complicated, our Saturns make it simple.

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