Our customers like to put us to test and we love it! As an example, at the time of data collection, our customer tell us that their loads can vary, going from a minimum load such as ¼ pallet (600mm x 400mm) with diagonal 720 mm, up to a much larger load such as a pallet whose diagonal reaches more than 2000 mm.

We have long accepted this challenge to fulfill the commitment that Movitec provides customized end-of-line solutions, and we have found the right remedy for this type of trial.

One of the characteristics that define Movitec is the versatility of our wrapping machines. Not all the automatic wrapping equipment adapt to so a wide range of load dimensions. Our stretch wrappers are ready to work with different pallet dimensions, from ¼ pallet (600mm x 400mm) up to a maximum diagonal of 2900 mm (i.e. 1400mm x 2500mm).

Through the multiple programs, we can adjust the strength of the film that better adapts to the load and the film pre-stretch to obtain an optimum wrapping result.

Saturn wrapping machines can detect the volume of the load to be wrapped at their in-feed and they automatically modify the wrapping program and adjust the parameters to perform an unbeatable wrapping work.

According to the project proposed by the client, Movitec suggests the necessary equipment to wrap the largest load, regardless of the minimum size of its load.

Our machines can distinguish the different measures adjusting to them, to continue wrapping, with the same quality, large loads and those with much smaller dimensions.

Movitec poses challenges very often, with customer satisfaction as its goal, providing smart and appropriate solutions.

Also in this case, we can say that we have passed the test with flying colors.