All mechanical actions, all interaction between surfaces cause wear. The pieces that make up our wrapping machines are not immune to this phenomenon, experiencing, movement after movement, a deterioration.

Our goal is always ensuring that our wrapping machines are efficient and operational as long as possible. The spare parts department of Movitec offers spare parts kits to our customers with all the necessary components to avoid unnecessary stoppages in the production line.

From the consultation of the client and through an optimized management of the large stock of pieces, we put all the means at our disposal to quickly send the requested items, using the minimum possible time, as you know time is money.

Our customers can rely entirely on the fact that the dedicated attention of the spare parts department is oriented towards a continuous and professional advice, so that they can take better advantage of our equipment, and so that in situations of trouble everything can be solved with fluidity and without obstacles.

Movitec has different spare parts kits, such as the spare parts of first necessity (parts with possibility of wear) or the recommended spare parts (parts with the possibility of wear and fundamental parts for the functioning of the wrapping machine).

From the Technical and After-sales Service of Movitec, on which the Parts Department depends, we know that our obligation does not end in the sale, but that we create a long-term commitment with our clients, reaffirming the reasons for which they have chosen us for their end-of-line.

To further improve the efficiency of the machine, Movitec can complement spare parts kits with maintenance services tailored to the needs of the customer.

Contact the spare parts department directly by sending an email to  to receive more information or to receive a detailed quotation.

With us, your machine is in good hands.